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carbon alloy steel investment casting

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We can supply you need carbon alloy steel investment casting.


Together with carbon steel casting and stainless steel casting, CFS foundry can make alloy steel castings as well. We can provide custom alloy steel investment castings that meet your unique specifications. We are exporting alloy steel castings to countries like America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, ect. Contact us immediately once you are soucing a reliable supplier in China for alloy steel investment castings. Carbon Steel Casting INVESTMENT CASTINGAs the leading investment casting supplier, CFS foundry can make carbon steel castings in all carbon steel alloys. Common used material grades of carbon steel castings in our company are AISI 1010, AISI 1020, AISI 1035, AISI 1045, AISI 1060, ect. Besides, we can also customize such carbon steel casting according to your material compositions.

Carbon Steel Castings Low Alloy Steel Castings ICAST

Carbon Steel Castings. Carbon steel castings range from low- to high-carbon content and contain no specified or required amounts of chromium, nickel, or molybdenum. Carbon steels are the least expensive and an excellent choice to use when corrosion is not an issue. Low-Alloy Steel. Low-alloy steels such as 8620 or 4130, contain specified amounts of chromium, nickel or molybdenum to the Carbon Steel Investment Castings Factory Milwaukee Carbon steel investment castings may be the answer. Because we provide investment castings to net shape, we can eliminate most, if not all secondary machining operations. China Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel Investment Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel Investment Casting Parts Lost Wax Silica Sol Precision Casting Flange Refractory castable is mixed by high quality raw materials such as bauxite, flint clay, silica powder,-alumina powder as micro powder, refractory cement as binder. Also some additive to make better performance.

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Since 1957, employee-owned and operated Fisher Cast Steel has led the stainless and carbon steel sand/no-bake and investment casting industry with top quality products, value-added services and outstanding, responsive customer service. Our extensive expertise is unparalleled; from our West Jefferson, Ohio foundry, we proudly manufacture high-quality cast parts to serve a wide range of Investment Casting - Prototype Casting, Carbon, Alloy Matangi is a prime manufacturer of investment casting including prototype casting, carbon, alloy & stainless steel casting, super alloy, hastalloy, Monel customized casting for valves & pump industries, automotive, defence (die) industries, instrumentation & control, Investment Casting Alloy List - Protocast JLCMartensitic Stainless Steel. 15-5PH 17-4PH 410 416 440C. Austenitic Stainless Steel. 303 304, 304L 316, 316L 347 CF-8, CF-8M CF-3, CF-3M. Carbon Steel. 1010 1018 1020. Low Alloy Steel. 4130 4140 4340. Tool Steels. A2 D2. Copper Based Alloy Investment Casting. Aluminum Bronze Red Bronze Silicon Bronze . Nickel-Based Alloy Investment Casting. Hastelloy X Inconel 625

Low Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steels Investment Casting

Dec 11, 2019 · Carbon and low alloy steels are the workhorses of the mechanical world. No other class of materials offers as wide a range of mechanical properties as economically. Carbon steels are alloys of iron, carbon, manganese, and silicon. Low alloy steels are similar to carbon steels but have additional alloying elements like chromium, molybdenum, etc Why choose Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel investment CastingsCarbon and low-alloy steel investment castings are commonly used for pressure containing and structural applications due to their strength, hardenability and resistance to wear and abrasion. Their relatively lower cost also makes these alloys attractive, however the key to the economic use of the investment casting process is to incorporate as much added value into the casting as possible, Carbon Steel Investment Castings Mild and Low Alloy Carbon Steel Investment Castings There are several properties of carbon steel that make it a popular material for producing investment cast products. The material is cost-effective, readily available, strong, possesses good wear resistance, and is easily machined. For these reasons, several grades of carbon and low alloy steel are widely used.

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We can supply you need carbon alloy steel investment casting.